Practice Pads


Never Get Caught Without…

There are several items that a drummer should never be caught without:

A Drum Key
The Evans Magnetic Head Drum Key (DADK) can be kept easily accessible on one of your tension rods without rattling during performance, thanks to the built-in magnetic head.

A Spare Snare Head
No one likes to break a head during a performance, but it can still happen. Always keep a spare snare head in your drum case.

A Bass Drum Patch
Not everyone uses patches on their bass drums but, in a pinch, a patch may help you get that bass head through a gig if the head is heavily worn from beater contact.

Tips for Achieving a Great Sound

Head Choice
Choosing the right head is the first step to achieving a great sound with your drums. Rather than choosing whatever drumhead is available and then adding duct tape, gels or stickers to modify the sound, explore the options for drumheads that have overtone control built in. If you’re a heavy hitter, explore the two-ply options available. If aesthetics are important, be sure to research the variety of finishes available.

Before playing your drums, in practice or in performance, be sure to make sure that your drums are all in tune. When making adjustments to the tension of a head, be sure always to tune up to the desired tension, rather than tuning down. If you wish to lower the tension of a head, de-tension the rods below the desired amount, and then tune up to pitch.

Practice; Anytime, Anywhere

We can’t always be in front of a drum when we want to practice. Sometimes we’re nowhere near a drum, other times it’s just not practical to be playing a relatively loud instrument. Luckily, we have a variety of practice pads and drum mutes that allow you to practice at just about any time or place. Whether you’re in between classes and need to practice on a small pad or in your apartment and you want to play your kit at a less noticeable volume, we’ve got you covered.

You could go so far as to cover your entire kit with practice mutes or even have a separate kit made entirely out of practice pads. Your creative energy shouldn’t be limited to certain hours of the day or locations of convenience, that’s why you’ve got RealFeel™ practice pads and SoundOff™ drum mutes.







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