The UV1 series is designed for the widest range of sonic possibilities while remaining the most durable single-ply drumhead available. The patented UV-cured coating provides unmatched durability and consistency of texture, while the unique 10mil film delivers exceptional strength and versatility for a full range of musical applications.

UV1 drumheads are the number one solution for drummers who are tired of flaked, chipped, and worn out coatings. They also feature increased surface texture making them extremely responsive for brush playing. Combined with Level 360 Technology™, the UV1 series is the most versatile and durable 10mil drumhead drummers have ever laid their hands on.

  • Patented UV-cured coating provides unmatched durability and consistency
  • Made from a single ply of unique 10mil film
  • A single ply offers an open and expressive sound
  • Extremely versatile for a wide variety of musical applications
  • Level 360 Technology collar design ensures proper contact between drum head and drum shell

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Item No.ProductPriceChoose A StoreD'Addario Store
B08UV18" UV1 Coated $16.47
B10UV110" UV1 Coated $15.99
B12UV112" UV1 Coated $16.99
B13UV113" UV1 Coated $17.99
B14UV114" UV1 Coated $18.99
B15UV115" UV1 Coated $19.99
B16UV116" UV1 Coated Tom $20.99
B18UV118" UV1 Coated $25.99
EPP-UV1-FUV1 Coated Fusion Pack (10", 12", 14") with 14" UV1 Coated Snare Batter $63.00
EPP-UV1-RUV1 Coated Rock Pack (10", 12", 16") with 14" UV1 Coated Snare Batter $65.25
EPP-UV1-SUV1 Coated Standard Pack (12", 13", 16") with 14" UV1 Coated Snare Batter $66.88
ETP-UV1-FUV1 Coated Tom Pack-Fusion (10", 12", 14") $49.00
ETP-UV1-RUV1 Coated Tom Pack-Rock (10", 12", 16") $51.25
ETP-UV1-SUV1 Coated Tom Pack-Standard (12", 13", 16") $52.88






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